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Sapro.co.uk is the brainchild of the family owned company that brought you The South African Shop. And now Mike Miller and family bring you an online ordering experience that guarantees quality of product and provides customer service that ensures that you, the customer, are always happy with your shopping experience. We have now entered into a collaboration agreement with the Magic Moments Trust, a fabric painting business in KwaZuluNatal. who teach the locals how to paint and produce the fabulous range of products that you see on this site. Everything that we sell will be direct from the supplier in South Africa to you, the customer, in the UK or Europe utilising our fast airmail and seamail services.

In early 1997 Mike Miller was on a trip to the UK from South Africa and was asked by several South African store owners in England to find a way of importing good quality South African consumer products at low cost into the UK.

Mike and his wife Liz sourced the products required in South Africa and packed the first container In Woodmead north of Johannesburg on May 30th 1997.

The products were so well received that orders started flowing in. Mike and Liz set up South African Products International (Pty) Ltd. (SAPRO) in South Africa and a corresponding company in the UK.

In the years that followed this has led to SAPRO in South Africa continuing to source and export products, not only to the UK, but Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other countries.

In the meantime Mike and Liz and family moved to England to develop the business in the UK, initially the wholesale business which is now known as SA Wholesale and is now owned and run by Peter and Jan Mahoney and their team.

This is turn led to "THE SOUTH AFRICAN SHOP" opening in the town centre of Maidenhead in Berkshire in August 1999. This is still the largest store of its type in the UK supplying products to Safrophiles throughout the UK.

In 2000 Mike and Liz set up SAJE International Ltd. to concentrate on the development of THE SOUTH AFRICAN SHOP in Maidenhead and THE SOUTH AFRICAN SHOP online mailorder service following the launch of the company's first web site.

In 2011 Mike and Liz sold The South African Shop retail and online stores to Schalk Scholtz and his Randsavers team although they still maintain the SAJE International offices on the first floor of Sapro House in Maidenhead. Development work started on a new shopping experience for Safrophiles in the UK, Europe and beyond. It was recognised that the supply of South African consumer goods is now well catered for in the UK. However, there are a number of suppliers in South Africa who want to deliver directly to consumers in the UK and beyond as well as some products that cannot be sold in retail stores in the UK due to licensing issues but can be delivered directly to Safrophile homes in the UK from South Africa utilising our existing efficient and fast shipping system.. Sapro.co.uk has been set up to fill this gap with South African magazines being the first product range on the new site, delivered directly from South Africa by airmail or the new cost effective seamail option either directly to subscribers homes or to their local favourite South African specialist store. Discussions are underway with a range if suppliers in South Africa to add to this range of exclusive South African products.

So, whether you visit our retail store or shop online, our motto is simple: "If we haven't got it we will get it for you"

In other words we will try to supply you with any and every consumer good in South Africa as long as it is freely available in South Africa and is not restricted in any way in terms of importation into the UK.

We have regular airfreight and sea freight shipments from South Africa so we can supply you with your special requests very quickly and cost effectively. Try it and see.

E-mail: For all special request order enquiries email us.

In 2004 Mike, together with other leading lights in the South African consumer goods industry in England, started the process of setting up the South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK which, ten years later is a major force for SA/UK trade with several top flight events every month. For further details go to www.SouthAfricanChamber.co.uk.